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Sapling Stack Rings

Sapling Stack Rings


From £69

Medium Blossom Hoops 



Small Blossom Pendant 





Medium Orchard Necklace



Unique Designer Jewellery

Precious metals, precious metal clays, enamel and gemstones create a jewel and enamel encrusted wonderland inspired by a whimsical fascination with nature resulting in decadently organic aesthetic. 


Joanne's work is lead by a love of experimenting with materials and techniques and driven by a wide eyed attitude to the world. She is passionate about creating beautiful & unique handmade jewellery, with her pieces ranging from something for everyday wear to that one off show stopping piece.



Each piece is lovelyingly handcrafted in her workshop in Scotland and we offer a bespoke design service for those extra special commissions, be it a wedding, engagement or modern heirloom piece your looking for.


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